Press Release


Space Adventures Client Richard Garriott To Carry The Explorers Club Flag To The ISS


FEBRUARY 27, 2008


Today, Space Adventures Ltd., the world’s leading space experiences company, announced that their orbital spaceflight candidate, famed game developer and son of former NASA astronaut, Richard Garriott, will be taking the Explorers Club’s flag #189 with him to space during his mission in October 2008. The Explorers Club is an international society dedicated to the advancement of field research. It promotes the scientific exploration of land, sea, air, and space by supporting research and education in the physical, natural and biological sciences. Their flag consists of lines in red, blue and white and displays the initials of the Club’s name and a compass rose.


The Explorers Club flag, #189, represents an impressive history of courage and accomplishment and has been carried on many expeditions by Club members since 1967 when it was taken to the Bermuda Underwater Expedition by Mendel Peterson. Since then it has seen Coral Reefs in South East Asia to the Juneau Icefield in Alaska. The latest, it has traveled to is Easter Island in 2007. Richard Garriott’s spaceflight in October 2008 will be the first time the flag has gone into outer space.