Challenger Center


Science Challenge

The Garriott Science Challenge consisted of experiments involving crystal growth, magnetism, mechanics (Newtonian physics), and fluid behavior. Students were encouraged to try the experiments and submit a prediction about the outcome of Richard’s experiments in space.

Earth Science Challenge 

The Earth Science Challenge gave students the chance to work with the photos of the earth that Richard took from space and the photos that Richard’s father, NASA Astronaut Owen Garriott, took 35 years ago. With this project, students were given the opportunity to analyze the changes of the past 35 years and brainstorm ideas for the future.

Engineering Design Challenge 

The Engineering Design Challenge encouraged students to design an Earth-based structure that could withstand flexing from environmental forces. Richard did a similar experiment at the International Space Station. He measured how much the ISS structure flexes over time.

Student Patch Contest 

The Student Patch Contest combined art and science by having students design art work for a patch and t-shirts that symbolized the adventure and discovery of space exploration. The winning design was flown into space with Richard.