In The News Links to news stories covering Richard's space mission


MAY 7, 2011
FOX Business: The Future Of U.S. In Space

JULY 28, 2009
Rocket Shot: Today In Space 1973: Skylab 3 Launches

JULY 19, 2009
Skymania: UK Backs Manned Spaceflight At Last

JULY 16, 2009
CNN: Private space pioneers: We’re Inheritors Of Apollo Legacy

JULY 3, 2009
BBC: Honour Given To ‘UK Astronauts’

OCTOBER 30, 2008
BBC: Space Tourist Talks To BBC

OCTOBER 30, 2008
Metro: You Helped In The Appliance Of Science, Says Metronaut

OCTOBER 27, 2008
Reuters: Space Tourism Will Weather Market Crisis: Astronaut

OCTOBER 27, 2008
CBS: Space Tourist: Open Space Station To All

OCTOBER 24, 2008
BBC: Safe Landing For Soyuz Capsule

OCTOBER 24, 2008 Space Tourist, Station Cosmonauts Land Safely

OCTOBER 24, 2008
Reuters: U.S. Space Tourist, Russians Return To Earth

OCTOBER 18, 2008 Space Tourist Settles in Aboard Station

OCTOBER 17, 2008
BBC: Children Call Outer Space

OCTOBER 15, 2008
Popular Science: Gamers In Space

OCTOBER 14, 2008 New Crew, Space Tourist Arrive At Space Station

OCTOBER 14, 2008
AFP: Russian Capsule Carrying US Tourist Docks With Space Station

OCTOBER 14, 2008
Reuters: Sons Of Russian And U.S. Astronauts Unite In Orbit

OCTOBER 12, 2008 Former Astronaut’s Son Blasts Off Toward Space Station

OCTOBER 12, 2008
Metro: Metro Is The First Paper In Space!

OCTOBER 12, 2008
BBC: U.S. Space Tourist Go For Launch

OCTOBER 12, 2008
AFP: U.S. Video Game Guru Heads For Space As Tourist

OCTOBER 10, 2008
Houston Chronicle: $30 Million Buys Austin Resident A Ride On Soyuz Mission

OCTOBER 9, 2008
Christian Science Monitor: A Video-Game Magnate Gets His Journey Into Space

OCTOBER 9, 2008
NPR: Millionaire Follows Dad’s Footsteps—Into Space

OCTOBER 9, 2008
Scientific American: Son Of Pioneer Skylab Astronaut Ready To Rocket Into Orbit

OCTOBER 4, 2008
AFP: International Space Station Changes Orbit Awaiting Tourist: Report

SEPTEMBER 26, 2008
Bloomberg Radio: Richard Garriott Preparing For Lift-Off

SEPTEMBER 25, 2008
MSNBC: All In The Space Family

SEPTEMBER 25, 2008
TIME: Space Tourist Richard Garriott

SEPTEMBER 24, 2008
AFP: U.S. Space Tourist To Follow Father Into Orbit

SEPTEMBER 23, 2008 Former Astronaut’s Son Poised for Space Tourist Trek

SEPTEMBER 18, 2008
The Colbert Report: Richard Garriott Takes Stephen Colbert To Space

AUGUST 8, 2008
The Austin Chronicle: Send Your Cheek Swab To Space

AUGUST 7, 2008
The Escapist: Context Sensitive: In Space, No-One Can Hear You Sleep

AUGUST 2, 2008
The Times: Game God Richard Garriott Relises Dream Of Being Astronaut

JULY 31, 2008
ABC News: From Game Developer To Space Cowboy

JULY 30, 2008
Houston Chronicle: A Voyage Beyond Even His Imagination

JULY 30, 2008 Next Space Tourist, Station Crew Eager To Fly

JULY 29, 2008 Astronaut’s Son Draws Insignia Inspiration From Father, Mother And Leonardo Da Vinci

JULY 22, 2008
KLBJ: Austin Man Richard Garriott Talks About His Planned Trip To Space

JULY 21, 2008
The Guardian: Science Extra: Richard Garriott

JULY 15, 2008
BBC: Private Mission Set For ISS

JULY 2, 2008 Physics And Fitness Meld For Space Tourist, NFL Player

JUNE 11, 2008 The Next Step In Space Exploration: Billionaire Scientists

APRIL 8, 2008 Student Artists Wanted For Space Tourist Emblem

MARCH 12, 2008 Wanted: Student Experiment For Space Tourist’s Trek

JANUARY 28, 2008 ‘Thrillionaire’ Signs On As Backup Space Tourist

JANUARY 21, 2008 Next Space Tourist Begins Training For Spaceflight

DECEMBER 19, 2007
WAMU: Space Tourism

DECEMBER 11, 2007
Gannett News: Astronaut’s Son Pays $30M To Go To Space

DECEMBER 11, 2007 Astronaut’s Son Ready To Fulfill Lifelong Dream