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On my recent flight I had the great opportunity to speak directly and trade call signs with hundreds of hams around the globe. For me, it was a unexpected joy to find so many enthusiastic hams, who were so well informed and interested in my…

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24 Oct / Return To Earth

At 11:37PM EDT, Richard and his crew mates Sergei Volkov and Yuri Kononenko successfully landed in Kazakhstan, bringing to an end Richard’s 12-day stay in space. See the undocking and landing:   Return To Earth (double-click to play video)    

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Watch the change of command on the ISS:   Change of Command (double-click to play video)  

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Yesterday, Richard participated in a NASA press conference. The questions covered several topics ranging from the view to his father to his pending return to Earth. A video of the questions and answers directed to Richard is below.   NASA Press Conference (double-click to play…

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Thank you to you all for submitting questions for Richard.┬áRichard answered two questions today—one from Richard in California about getting used to life in space and another from Marsel in Maine about how looking at Earth from space impacts your view of the world.┬áListen below….

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