12 Sep / Back To Work

This week (August 18-24), we are performing what I sure hope is the final round of medical exams. I peed in cups, gave blood, wore heart and blood-pressure monitors for 24-hour periods, and had an EKG and multiple EEGs. But hardest of all was the Spinning Chair of Ultimate Sickness. I don’t imagine that I will ever again voluntarily sit in a device designed to make you sick—or ride it as long as I can. Ugh, this is definitely my least favorite part of training now!


Other activities over the course of the week included a review of HAM radio operations, with which I am now growing very comfortable. I also had a private session on photographic composition with the Star City photographer. While I consider myself a competent photographer, going around with a pro was very enlightening. We took pictures of the same things as we walked around Swan Lake, but his were notably better than mine on most occasions!


I was fitted with my thigh bracelets, too. These are pieces of gear designed to clamp off the veins at the top of your legs in order to help pool blood in your legs instead of your head, therefore mitigating the fullness you feel in your face and nasal cavities on orbit. We tested them on a tilt table, and I must admit they work well!


For the weekend, I drove into Moscow and met up with Nik and his sister. She had flown into town to help run one of their seminars. Nik’s products are catching on in this part of the world as well!

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